Cancer Awareness Campaign through Digital education

Pacific International Hospital (PIH) is a leading multi-specialty hospital in Papua New Guinea providing 24 hours medial access and providing tertiary healthcare.

With changing trends in medical marketing, PIH wanted to promote themselves through social media to reach more people. For this they focused on running campaigns to spread awareness against women cancer, highlighting breast cancer and cervical cancer and encouraged women to get themselves screened. The idea was to improve the social media activity and promote their services.

InScience understood the perception of the people residing at PIH. We undertook the challenge by creating informative posts on Facebook during the month of September which were creative and visually attractive to make the campaign a great success. We also made a strong social media presence for PIH by providing an elaborated content posted as blogs for those who wanted more insight on cancer.

The posts created on the social media front of PIH saw a hike in the number of likes and reach received by the page. Also, a record breaking increase 167.6% in likes and 199.7% increase in the reach were recorded which was exceptionally higher than previous year activity.

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